Did you see me put on my giant t shirt and make my bed and crawl into it???

Am I invisible??

Does my getting ready for bed routine mean nothing to you????????

Why do you continue typing on your computer with your emo girl music about falling with diamonds in your hands and love “finding me in the rough” blasting from your ihome?!?

I really need to grow a pair and tell her to shut the music off. But. Instead I sit here patiently waiting for her space case ass to get the fucking hint.

Lately she will come home late from work, while I am asleep at an hour like oh.. 2 am? and turn her desk lamp on. Its really bright. I am too much of a pussy to tell her to turn it off so I just pull the blankets over my head. Whilst I have the blankets over my head I fantasize about putting a dead light bulb in there, so when she goes to turn it on she gets nothinggggg muahahahahahah. Or maybe just a dimmer bulb. Or maybe some common fucking courtesy?!!?!

Oh. She turned it down. How considerate.

Sigh. I must have done something awful in another life.

I remember my friend Lucia once told me a story about a girl who came back to her dorm room to find her roommate on the couch they shared changing her tampon. (why anyone would choose to do this anywhere but the bathroom is beyond me, like seriously.)

So I guess it could be worse?

HAH she just changed the song and literally made that sound that you make after you drink water when you’re thirsty. You know that satisfied sound? Ahhhhhhhhh. Its like she knows I’m over here angrily typing away about her and she’s like “I’ll show this bitch who’s boss!!”

Last year she was mostly a great roommate. Literally I don’t remember feeling this way. Maybe its like our roommate “honey moon phase” is over?

All I want in life is my own little apartment. A one bedroom, or even a studio. No roommates to bother me, I can sleep in my unmentionables, I could even change my tampon my couch (not that I would ever do that!)

If I just asked her to turn it off, she would probably be like “oh sure” and turn it off.

Why am I so scared to ask?

I think I’m a little afraid she’ll say no.

Is that weird?

Probably. I can never just be normal.

I just don’t like people to be inconvenienced by me. You know?