I’m taking a sociology class this semester. It has nothing to do with my major I just needed the credits. I hate it so much.

The topic is: Sexuality and Society.

Sound really interesting yes?

It might be, if my teacher didn’t annoy me to no end.

I believe she identifies as a woman because she calls herself Kristy, yet if she didn’t tell me she was female I might think she was in fact male. This being said she is as white and nerdy as they come but she thinks she’s really cool which is lame.

I know I sound like a middler schooler “omg she thinks she’s so cool” but for some reason it bothers me. When the class gets even the tiniest bit rowdy she yells “YO” at the top of her lungs and she says it with this half butch man getting pissy, half woman whine and I wish I could give it justice by typing it out. It makes my skin crawl. She does it at least once a class and every time it happens my blood goes cold only to boil up again. Its the worst.

Also she still has yet to give us grades for any of the assignments we have passed in. We are to do 6 reading responses this semester, and we can turn them in whenever we want though we had to each submit one by a certain due date which has since passed. I adhered to her due date and turned in my response and decided I wouldn’t do another one until I got my grade for the first one, so that if I bombed the first one I could make sure to improve for the final five.

Its been weeks I still have yet to receive a grade. She said “everyone should have gotten at least one grade by now, but they aren’t all done.” Everyone I’ve asked doesn’t seem to have a grade yet and so one more “I hate you Prof. Kristy” goes into the pile. 1. I respected your due date, please respect me and get me my grade in a timely fashion. 2. Please do not LIE to us because it has now been over 3 weeks and you have not graded our assignments.

I feel like the teachers who assign the most work are always the one least prepared to grade it in a timely fashion.

I hate college.

I’ve been debating emailing her and explaining how I do not have any grades yet and would like to receive one so I might improve on my next assignments but my paranoid self is convinced if I bother her with an email she will spitefully grade my response poorly.

I need more faith in humanity.