1. Dear Hipsters in the theater dept hanging on the stairs smoking cigs. You are worthless. That is all.

2. I hate getting a parking ticket when I had every intention of parking at a paid meter. The pay lot was totally full! I had no other choice! Now I’m gonna have to shell out 25 buckeroos. Lame.

3. I think (AHH DON’T JINX MEEE) that I may have just ACED my social psychology test. So yay on that!

(is it weird that I figure if I get a good grade on my exam I’ll be ok with having to pay 25 dollars to parking services? It’ll be like buying a a good grade!)

4.  Dunkin’ Donuts has these new things called Bagel Twists. All it is, is a bagel in a stick form. For some reason though they taste better than regular bagels.


5. I don’t want to KNOW how many calories are in of those delicious twists.

6. My showcase is tonight. I’m nervy 😦