I could sleep for about 3.5 hours before I have to get up to go to my little brother’s biathalon on Cape Cod.

I really hate not being able to sleep, though I brought this upon myself. My sleep cycle is WAY out of whack.

It all started on Wednesday evening when my flight out of Chicago was hideously delayed. First they were all “its only going to be another hour”  and I was like “Oh.. ok I guess that isn’t so bad!” The little seating area at the gate was chock full because the two flights before mine had also been delayed (this should have been my first clue that we would not be taking off in an hour…) But also people were being bastard dickheads and putting their luggage, purses, laptop bags etc on the seats next to them. Like…I understand and respect the idea of the buffer zone in most places, the airport though…most people don’t enjoy their airport time be sympathetic! Anyway, I found it very rude.

At first I sat on the floor and ate the pretzel sticks I had bought. It was from the Auntie Annies chain which I had never had before, as a New Englander I’m all about Preztel Time and after trying both I can say that PT is FAAAR superior. I also hate when the clerks are like half stoned teenaged boys. He could not take his eyes of my tits and my pretzels weren’t that great. BOO not worth it. After awhile I got bored and started essentially doing laps around the area of the airport, and bought myself a trashy Cosmo (which I always vow to never buy again but somehow always contradict myself only to open the magazine and go “oh christ this is stupid.”)

By the time we finally boarded it was a little over 2 hours from when we were supposed to take off. I promptly settled down and plugged my headphones in, in order to numb and distract my brain with the in flight tv. I got a yummy cranberry juice and I was actually feeling okay for once. Take off was smooth and  I thought “Maybe I finally kicked this fear of flying!!”

Then I started seeing the lightning. To make a terrifying long story short, we flew almost the entire time through a lightning storm. The lightning was so close it was literally right outside the window and the plane shook and dipped and dove. I was watching The Real Housewives of New York on Bravo and I remember thinking “if I die watching this show I’ll be so disappointed”

Miraculously we landed in Boston without a problem, at 1:05 am. By the time I finally found my dad and got my luggage at Logan It was almost 2 am. When I got home I couldn’t fall asleep of course because the near death experience of the flight had jacked my adrenaline way up and I’ve been a mess sleeping wise ever since.

Though I will say, having survived that flight I think I might not be so scared flying anymore… but knock on wood for me just in case.