Me as I signed the form: abandonment of property?!

Comp Guy: heh heh heh just don’t leave it here too long ya know?

Me: Oh trust me I won’t! (pause) I’m actually getting separation anxiety already…

Comp Guy: heh heh heh

I was totally not trying to be funny. Anyway internet knock on wood for me that 1. my computer will be finished by tomorrow afternoon as they said. and 2. They will be able to fix my internal speakers so that I don’t have to use my headphones anytime I want to hear sound….

Fun fact for those who have one of the 13 or 15 inch white plastic mac books, if your laptop has the cracks in the plastic on the edges like mine (and everyone else I know who owns this computer) does the apple company will replace the whole face of your laptop for free! As much as everyone bitches about apple being a crappy company, I’m impressed that they can realize that this aspect of their computer is shitty and offer free replacement. Almost makes that $1300 price tag worth it.

Though this crappy lack of sound development could go in a horrible direction

Comp Guy: Well see…if its the logicboard then fixing it will cost more than just replacing the whole computer

Sigh. I had hoped this computer would last me through senior year. Knock on wood for me internet!!!!!!!