At 11:58 on December 24th, 2020 (holy fucking shit assuming the Mayans are incorrect about the whole 2012 apocolypse…someday we’re going to have to say  year “twenty twenty” WEIRD.) I hope I’m wrapping toys and putting them under a beautiful Christmas tree for someone small sleeping in a bed upstairs. After I read them the Polar Express and of course baked some cookies for the man in red earlier in the day.

Not that lofty of a dream…right?

Also, all 21 year olds think like this…right?

Le sigh.

I always stay up way too late Christmas Eve, and not in anticipation of Santa. The whole Jewish thing kinda ruined that. But every year since I can remember my brother, father and I have gone to Saint Paul’s on Christmas Morning to help, along with the rest of our temple’s congregation, cook Christmas dinner for all the homeless people that attend the soup kitchen so the catholic workers can spend Christmas with their families. Though in recent years our job has been more assembling meals that are sent to various elderly people and “shut ins” that wouldn’t have a nice meal on Christmas Day otherwise. I’ve come to really look forward to it, despite the fact that I’m usually put on gravy duty and end up with gravy stains on whatever I’m wearing. It is always nice to see the members of our Temple, though I haven’t attended  a service in YEARS. The people were what I always loved most about going to synagogue anyway, well that and the fact that if you went on Shabbat you got Challah and cream cheese afterward…am I right fellow Jews?! Oneg FTW!

After our work at the soup kitchen is done we hightail it to my aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate Chanukah (despite the fact that by xmas day it has usually come and gone, Aunt M is a teacher so it was always easiest for all involved to meet up during the winter break) We eat yummy food and sometimes exchange gifts. The night always always always culminates in some sort of board game that my cousin T painstakingly (and often without much patience) tries to teach everyone how to play. It’s traditions like this one that I really cling to, especially since most of our family traditions went out the window with my parent’s divorce. This one has stayed in tact and it is even more special to me now than it was when I was a kid.

I hope everyone (all two of you out there!) has a nice Holiday 🙂

Merry merry!!!