Tonight on the drive home from my aunt’s house I was asking my Grandmother all sorts of questions about her life, she’s a pretty interesting lady and it is always neat to hear how she was when she was young. We somehow got on the topic of marriage, she was married at 21. Being 21 myself I of course balked at this idea and said “Grandmama, I’m 21 right now…what would you say if I told you I was getting married?” And she was like “Oh I’d be fine with it, I think 21 is a fine age to get married.” Though I somehow think if I were actually getting married this young she’d go nutso.

I also asked her how my Grandfather, whom I never got to meet, proposed to her and she started the story with “Well I don’t believe in dating just one person ya know.” And I thought to myself that, that was pretty logical, afterall if you only date one guy your whole life how do you know what else is out there etc. Then she went on to explain that what she actually meant was like “I don’t believe in dating just one person at a time” which is…a little bit different.

Apparently my Grandmother dated the same four men (every week) for TWO YEARS. Ralphy, Heschie, Louie and Sammy (my grandfather.) My grandparents never had an exclusive relationship until they were engaged.

The funniest part of the whole thing was that my Grandfather proposed right around New Years but my grandmother had already had a date planned to attend “an affair” with Heschie in February and she felt she couldn’t cancel the date or tell him she was engaged over the phone, so she went on the date with him, engagement ring and all!

That Grandmama of mine is one hot ticket, I’ll tell you.