Got to the airport with a whole hour before my flight.

Only to find out the mother fucking flight is canceled. *due to weather* which baffles me because it is neither raining nor snowing in Boston OR Chicago.

I stood in a stupid line for 2.5 HOURS. Only to have them say they best they could do was put me on standby for the next available flight at 7:30 pm. I accepted this and called my father, desperate to have him come pick me up. He refuses to leave for at least an hour because there will be traffic. At this point I want to die.

I wander over to some tables and chairs next to a place smelling burritos that smells like vomit. I see a sign “WIFI AT LOGAN- IT’S FREE!”



Why do you say free when it is not free??! Why!?!? Why it say paper jam when there IS NO PAPER JAM!?!?

I am depressed to say that I paid the damn 8 bucks for 24 *FREE* internet access, and started scouring the internet with a better way to get to Chicago. Because if I can’t get on this flight tonight I will probably cry in the middle of Logan Airport, chain myself to something and refuse to leave until they get me a on plane. I found  a couple flights with seats that would get me there tonight, but they are 490 dollars. HOW IT COULD POSSIBLY BE THAT EXPENSIVE I’VE NO IDEA. And I just can’t spend that money. I really do not even close to have it since I’m not working again for another 4 weeks or so. I checked all the trains and they are all sold out and wouldn’t get me into Chicago until tomorrow am anyways.

As I sit here writing this however I’m thinking maybe I should just stay here. I can’t check my suitcase until 4 hours before the flight….BUT OMG WHAT IF I CHECK MY SUITCASE AND THEN I DON’T GET ON THE PLANE AND THEN MY STUFF FLIES TO O’HARE AND I DO NOT?!

A Jet Blue Pilot is standing near me… I wonder if he could pull some strings?

I should also mention I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning and I’ve yet to eat so I am starving, and my food choices in this immediate terminal are rather limited. I have Stinky Burrito place, a sushi place, Famiglia Pizza (aka the shit they serve in the bluewall) Burger King (at 8 am…I dunno…) There is a Dunkin Donuts and a Au Bon Pain across the Terminal, but that would mean giving up this table…



Please think happy thoughts for me. Please please please use your collective powers to pray that I get on this standby flight tonight.

I’ve GOT to have some good luck coming my way…right?