So today is the last day of 2010 and judging by the last couple of weeks I’ve had I can’t really say I’ll be sad to see it go. In general 2010 wasn’t an amazing year for me. It also wasn’t a terrible one either. Nothing outstanding happened. A lot of things changed. (which we all know I adore). I did get good grades both semesters of 2010 though?

2011 is going to be where it’s at! Right?

Yes definitely.

I’m ending my 2010 with what I believe is my first hangover ever, in the form of a vicious headache.

After all the airport drama yesterday I decided to go out with my cousins for a drink in their hometown of Stoughton which is like 40 minutes away.

I got a raspberry lime vodka drink thing which was delicious and went down nice and smooth, exactly what I wanted, for SOMETHING to be easy yesterday.I only had the one drink since I had to drive and also because that one cocktail practically put me under the table.

Looking back, drinking was a TERRIBLE idea. I had approx. 8 oz of water yesterday, a small bag of BK hash brown things, and 1/3 cup of cheese tortellini…all day. I was in position to be drinking alcohol.

I suspect my lack of hydration topped off with sugary vodka goodness is what has led to this lovely aching in my head. And I now I totally need to go to CVS and get some Excedrin Migraine if I want to survive.

I was supposed to be going to a party tonight with the Professor. Likely I would have been a little anxious, not knowing anybody. But I would have been ok. I would have had my midnight kiss.

I’m clearly a little depressed about this.

Once I realized I was stuck here I thought it would be an excellent idea to go to Amherst to be with my roommates and eat Chinese food.

I was all psyched until my dad sat on my bed this morning afternoon when I woke up and was like

“Sarah you’re going to drive 4 hours round trip, on new years eve when people are driving drunk like idiots to eat Chinese food when you have a flight to catch at 6:3o am.”

(okay he didn’t say it exactly like that, he basically let me figure out it was a stupid idea on my own but that’s what parents are for I guess. Even when you are technically an “adult.”)

So in short I’ll be ringing in the new year at my dad’s house. Likely by myself.

I will probably watch Bravo and knit and eat Challah (which I intend to go pick up from Whole Foods the second I finish this post and put on clothing.)

I’m also going to buy myself some sparking cider.


So this is a horribly written post.

Blaming my headache.


Starting at midnight I resolve to update this blog every day for the duration of 2011