“So…what are you going to do now?”

That is the question of the moment.

I’ve been on what I’ve not so affectionately called “the break up tour” wherein I visit my favorite people from home and explain the whole thing to them.

The problem is that our relationship imploded like a bomb (or maybe that’s just how it feels to me?), it isn’t as if this were ” a long time coming” or anything. So I’ve been having to deal with a lot of completely shocked faces. They are just as unprepared to deal with this as I am.

And once the whole is explained that’s the question I encounter…

What now?

I had been setting my watch to his, and now I’m sort of weirdly free to do whatever I want.

I have seemingly endlessly possibilities and for once I don’t have a set plan to follow.

Will I….

A. Throw caution to the wind and move to NYC maybe work as a nanny and live with my fabulous roommates?

B. Go to grad school for….something?

C. Get my Real Estate license??

D. Run away and join the circus?