I just found myself plugging my *cross your fingers* potential sublet address in Seattle into the Safeway.com store locator and then browsing the flier online to compare grocery prices to those here in MA.


Watch out Seattle! Me and my coupons are coming!

In all seriousness I’ve made some progress in the sublet search. I’m trying to get used to the idea of having a commute because all the sublets near the theater are astronomically priced. The person I’ve been communicating with about his apartment was quick to tell me that the theater is about 1.5 miles from his apartment and that he has a great bike that I could use while I stay for a “great summer commute!”

Which was cute. It made me giggle. Trying to picture myself riding a bike to work in the summer. The apartment is at the top of a hill. So at the very least if I lived there I would have ample opportunity to tone my legs and bum while I schlep my discount groceries back to the apartment.

I’m a little worried about renting an apartment via Facebook Marketplace. Though it’s not as impersonal as craigslist so that’s a little bit better.

Please send good vibes internet! I’m hoping to get this whole sublet thing out of the way before May 1st!