In my afternoon class (which I am currently on break from) we have a student who I suspect (I have no actual proof but I am almost 100% sure) is on the spectrum somewhere. He’s very high functioning in terms of his verbal capabilities but his social and motor skills are definitely indicative of some spectrum disorder. He’s really sweet and also follows directions really well which is refreshing when compared to rest of his 10 year old class. Oh boy do they have trouble focusing.

Today we were going through the character express machine. A student would walk over the threshold of the “machine” and come out of the other side a character, over and over again experimenting with different voices, affects, levels and emotions.

When it was his turn to go through the machine one of his first characters said:

“Um Umm um Um As you can see this my own little world and I love it but you are not invited in!”

Powerful, man.

It so adeptly described what I’m sure life is like for him on an every day basis. He’s different. Really, really, different from the rest of his peers. But he loves it and you’re not invited anyway. They couldn’t even dream of being that cool.

Theater games are like the keys to so many mysterious doors.