As I write this I have exactly 11 days left in Seattle ( I am not counting the day I fly home, since I’ll be leaving around 10 am Pacific Time.)

Those who know me understand that travel is something that stresses me out endlessly.

Its not necessarily the matter of being in a new place, but more the idea of getting from point A to point B. There’s a lot of margin for error.

There is also packing.

Times like these I think it would be nice to be so wealthy that I could throw money at things like packing.

For instance I highly doubt Paris Hilton has ever packed a bag in her life. If she gets to her destination without her toothbrush or her towels she just buys it. In fact I think she’s so rich that she just mentions needing to buy something and it miraculously appears before her.

Gee that’d be nice.

I’m already plotting things to leave behind (a set of sheets for example, a huge bottle of face wash etc.) and hoping my subletter will just enjoy the free stuff and not be annoyed.

My internship is winding down and I can’t help but feel a little…checked out.

Even the teaching artists are burnt out.

“Week ten!” they grumble.

With the loss of my two most beloved interns it feels strange that I’m still here.

I’m in such a state of “hurry up and wait” that I really can’t even write an interesting post.

Sorry internet.