Becuase I like to pretend I am Ree Drummond. You will need these things! Not pictured: more counter space.

Rub with olive oil and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. We kind of failed at the seasoning aspect of this step and our salmon was a wee bit bland. If this were Top Chef, we just got emlinated. Unless of course we had a crazy television personality then we'd have a good chance of being forgiven.

The Only Garlic Press One Will Ever Need. This is seriously the best garlic press ever. I bought it as a gift for a boy I was seeing from Williams-Sonoma. It is called the Rosle Garlic Press and it is...phenomenal. Luckily for me the very night I was slated to give this boy the garlic press for his birthday, he canceled on me literally 5 minutes before we were set to meet. And TA-DAH happy very early birthday to me. Also, my hands are so sad and dry. Ignore them.

MMmm action shot!

feta makes everything bettah.

Rolling salmon fillets is not easy. Toothpicks were helpful. I chose to make a little ring with my fillet while my father did a fancier twist type of thing.

Makes me want a doughnut. First person to create a calorie-free jelly filled doughnut wins my first born child.

Father opted to leave the feta out of his spinach mixture, he also covered some of his fillet with spinach.

After baking in the oven at 350 degrees for some amount of cooking time that I'm unsure about because I spent the pre-dinner time playing the Sims 3 while my dad did the work. Thanks dad!

But dessert is decidedly less fancy. Mango sorbet with a raspberry on top of each bed.