I got released from work early today which under normal circumstances would be awesome. But tonight I’m supposed to pick Troy up in Boston at 6:45. It is 5:30 currently.

I have a lot of time to kill and nowhere to go so I am sitting in my car, which is parked at the only local parking lot in the immediate area, which is right next to the playground.

To say I feel like a pedophile waiting to make a drug deal is an understatement.

It was this, or go sit in Dunkin Donuts with the crackheads so, this is in theory the lesser evil.

Moments like these I do miss my
Mini Van. Because mini vans allow you to sleep in the back of them with the car off and people can’t tell you are in there.

And while I am just short enough to curl up comfortably in the backseat of my Honda Civic, I am not comfortable with people gazing into the windows as I slumber, judging my vagrant like tendencies.

I just felt compelled to tell you all this.

That’s all.