Anybody who has ever made pancakes knows than the first pancake made is always a little bit of a mutant. This pancake is most commonly known as the “test pancake.”


If you are making pancakes for yourself and a loved one the rule of thumb is simple, your dear darling companion gets the tester as a pre-breakfast aperitif.


But if you are making pancakes for yourself for dinner in your pajamas on a Sunday night, then you are allowed to scarf the test pancake with your hands like a wolf or a barbarian as you cook the other pancakes.


Then you can sprinkle pomegranate arils on top because even though you may lack a desire to use utensils, you are still a budding culinary mastermind.

So to review:

-pancakes for a pair? You must share!
-pancakes all alone? Do whatever the hell you want because nobody is there to see you wipe your pancake hand on your sweatshirt.