This past weekend Maverick and I went on a double date with his friend and his new girlfriend. It was definitely an adventure.

We started our journey at the mall, and my favorite part of the day was probably the part where Maverick and I went early and shopped around for things like underwear (me) and shoes (him.)

Then we met up with our corresponding couple at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. The girlfriend was super cute and way more put together than I could ever hope to be. Which really means her hair looked nice and she was wearing not only nail polish but eyeliner and mascara, whereas I am a beauty school drop out.

She was really quiet all through lunch and try as I might to engage her in conversation it just wasn’t really happening. I was totally failing my responsibility of the whole double date. Oops!

Little did I know girlfriend’s personality would shine bright like a diamond thanksRihiana in the second portion of the date, otherwise known as, our trip to Dave and Busters.

at this point in the story you should realize I had no part in planning this date whatsoever.

For those who don’t know, Dave and Busters is like a Chuck E Cheese on crack. Full of various arcade games BUT WITH A BAR! If you’ve ever seen a Dave and Busters commercial you’ll see adults, in their twenties or maybe thirties, dressed for a night on the town laughing, beer in hand, whilst they play games, reliving their childhood.

In reality, Dave and Busters is crawling with children and teenagers running amok with copious yards of tickets draped round themselves like necklaces. And weary looking parents sitting at the bar drinking overpriced alcohol.


There it is, in all it’s blinking, flashing, glory.

Once we arrived we met our other couple at the bar and were informed we should go to a little machine to purchase a “power card” which is just a new fangled version of tokens in order to play the games. Maverick and I stood in front of the machine, a little baffled by the entire concept. In the end we chose to buy a ten dollar card which gave us 48 power points, which seemed totally reasonable to me.

“If we have a burning desire to play more arcade games we can always just come back and refill it?” I suggested, thinking us wanting to use more than 48 power points would be pretty ridiculous.

This was possibly our first mistake, after wandering around with our couple friends we were informed that they had 250 power points on their card. That option on the machine had cost something like 50 dollars.

I just have to take a minute and let this sink in. 50 dollars. 5-0. Which like, hey big spenders! Good for them. We were not going to spend 50 dollars to play endless games of whack a mole though. Over my cold, dead, body.

We watched as other couple competed in a basketball game. Girlfriend came to life. It was like that Evanessance song, and the only thing that could wake her up inside was potentially beating her boyfriend at a basketball shooting game. She screeched and jumped and laughed. It was adorable. And interesting because it illuminated how very much we are not that couple. But the couple hiding out in the fake cab of the “18 Wheeler Trucker game” making fun of those couples. Because we are the snarkiest, oops.

We saw a grown woman win something like 200 tickets, she was gathering them from the machine all excitedly and I turned to Maverick and said, “I wish I cared about any of this that much.” And we laughed. Because we just aren’t those people. We aren’t competitive, even when we’re fake competitive for fun we aren’t even that convincing.

Despite all my anti-arcade grandstanding I will say I did have a really good time. My favorite part of the day was when Mav challenged me to air hockey. I was, of course, abysmal. But I did get the puck in the slot once so I took that as a solid victory. We also played a weird version of pac man where you had to eat your other pac man opponents like a cannibal. We also played skeeball, which I actually find to be super fun. Mav also taught me how to shoot zombies in House of the Dead II.

After that we had pretty much exhausted our interest as well as our power card, and continued around and around the arcade watching other couple play games, they were so into it. Girlfriend had an entire purse full of tickets they had won.


A highlight of the day was watching this grown man play Dance Dance Revolution like his life depended on it. I have never seen someone’s feet move so fast in my life. Any time he failed a level he dismounted the DDR machine and paced around, catching his breath and berating himself quietly.


In the end we gave our tickets to other couple. All of the prizes, of course, cost something crazy like 3000 tickets, and no I am not exaggerating. Other couple ended up with 1700 tickets but decided to save them for another visit. They wanted the banana with the mustache, obviously and that was 3000 tickets. I guess they’ll only need one more 50 dollar power card and then they can win said banana. Which I would be remiss if I didn’t point out will then make it a 100 dollar stuffed banana with a mustache.

But of course that isn’t what this date was about, in the end it’s all about the memories :).