The Mav got periodontal surgery this week.

I have a really, really, glorious after picture on my iphone but as I strive to be a unceasingly good girlfriend I won’t post it here.

We spent the first night of his recovery together, I slid into the role of caretaker like most people slide into a free pizza, or an all expenses paid vacation.

I really enjoy it. I cannot lie. I like taking the reigns and telling someone to sit down while I make them homemade macaroni and cheese because they can’t eat anything hard or crunchy. I don’t like caretaking to the Munchausen degree, I didn’t put any dish soap in the pasta water or anything, but there’s something about caring for a loved one that brings me immense satisfaction.

Also, I was astounded, as I so usually am, by the fact that we could have such a good time just sitting on a couch talking about the pros and cons of taking a prescription painkiller before bed or not.