Act 1.

At the school where I intern I am still newish. Some people haven’t officially met me, other than the fact that they know I am the intern for the 11th grade. But there are a few faculty members in the building whom I interact with daily.

One is the upper academy coordinator of discipline, he’s tall and really interesting and I do not envy his job at all. It can’t be easy constantly having to be the bad guy. The last couple weeks whenever he saw me he said “hey my sistah!” and he tends to call female students this when he is being friendly so I took this as a good sign. We are friends! He sees me as a colleague! Now, while I believe that this is true anyway, I didn’t stop to realize that the reason he calls me my sistah is that he doesn’t know my name.


It was confirmed when he asked me what contact info I had put on my sweatshirt order form. I was confused by that and was like…
“Umm my e-mail..?” And then he clarified and was like “Oh I mean what name did you put down?”

Which made me laugh inside and instantly I wanted to be like, “Oh Oprah!”

I told him my name and we both had an embarrassed laugh and scuttled away from each other.

The 9th grade counselor bid me adieu yesterday saying “see ya later buddy!” I am sure it is one of those things he constantly says to his 9th graders and it isn’t as if he views me as a buddy, being that 1. we had just officially met and 2. I am a grown woman.

But I’ve been thinking I’ll just start introducing myself as Miss Buddy my Sistah, pleased to meet you.

Act 2

There is a free storytime class I take E to on Wednesday mornings, part of the opening ritual is this little song which I do not know the name of, I tried to find it on youtube but was unsuccessful.

The Librarian starts by saying “I’m Elaine!” and we say “Hi Elaine” like we don’t see her every week and know her name is Elaine.

Then she points to the child size teddy bear she’s holding and says “this is buddy!” and we say “hi buddy!” etc.

Then she pulls a little stuffed black bird out of her secret librarian compartment and says “This is blackbird!” And then we sing the song.

The black bird goes around the room and when a parent/caretaker gets it they say “this is Molly” in reference to their child’s name and then everyone sings:

“Molly over the ocean, Molly over the sea, Molly caught a black bird you can’t catch me!”

And on and on it goes.

Miles over the ocean

Harper over the sea etc.

There are two Miles at story time usually and at least 17 Olivias. It makes me laugh when you can tell moms are visibly agitated by their child having the same name as everyone else. Like lady, you thought she’d be the only Madison? Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that kit kat bar ya know what I’m sayin? I have an insanely popular name and the only real side affect is the fact that I no longer respond when people call my name in public anymore, NBD.

Anyway the other day a new woman got the black bird and introduced her daughter and she was like

“This is Petal.”

And for a full three seconds you could practically hear everyone’s internal monologue which was “Hmm she didn’t actually say Petal did she? I think she…did..I ummmm”

“Uhh Petal over the ocean….Petal over the sea….Petal caught a black bird you can’t catch me.”

Everyone made the sort of conscious decision to mumble over the poor kids name because I think nobody could quite believe it but alas, the poor thing’s name was Petal.