I went to the store last night to buy potatoes and Matzah Meal because I am making latkes tonight, albeit a little late.

Matzah Meal for those who aren’t aware is basically crushed Matzah Dust. matzah being that flat tasteless constipating communion wafer cousin I referenced in my Passover post last April.

I have one main question about Matzah Meal and that is, is there a box in existence that isn’t leaking when you purchase it? Every damn time I buy a box it’s just dusty as is humanly possible and leaking matzah meal all over the place. It’s impossible to verify if matzah meal is actually made of matzah, to me it resembles sawdust. Or maybe even crumbled drywall. What’s stopping Streits from just stuffing boxes full of sawdust leftover from making the defective cardboard boxes? Hmmmm I think someone should investigate.


Also did you know the slogan for Matzah Meal is “the taste of a memory” and it’s like a memory of what?? Your wood shop class?