Last night the GSA from a nearby high school came to talk to my grad class about what its like being gay (or lesbian or trans or pansexual or gender queer) in high school.

It was an interesting panel and they all took turns going down the line explaining how and when and why they came out. Telling some stories that were both funny and sad and in some instances incredibly wise.

One freshman girl definitely left the biggest impression on me. 

She was very small and had short, blonde hair under a snow hat that had the name “Kevin” embroidered across it. 

She said she identified as female but also sometimes gender queer and that she was definitely pansexual. She was talking about ways in which she has been accepted in life and not accepted etc and she said:

“My friend Julia’s* mom is SUCH an asshole. Like I came out to Julia as pansexual and she was like ‘okay whatever that’s cool’ and her mom doesn’t know I’m pansexual but I guess she like…does an imitation of me to Julia?

*she changed her posture and put on that universal voice we put on when we’re making fun of someone*

She’s like:

‘I’m Clara*

I’m a raging feminist

and I’m gonna go to a women’s college and major in women’s studies

I think I’m a cool punk!”

Everyone in the room listening sort of made sympathetic faces until Clara started laughing hysterically and said 

“And I think thats hilarious because those aren’t bad things to me! I am a raging feminist and I do think I’m a cool punk!”

She really was a cool punk.