Miss yesterdays post ūüė¶ bummmmmercity.

Yesterday was sort of strange all around. The kids at the high school were off the walls hyper. I’m talking being rude, laying on tables, singing and dancing in the library nutso. Between school vacation rapidly approaching, a barrage of tests and papers scheduled for this week, and the all day threat of impending snow storm everything just went off the rails. When it started snowing around noon the kids were like caged animals in the zoo and started the righteous preaching that they be let out of school immediately because SNO SNO SNO FALLING FROM SKY WE LIVE IN BOSTON LAND WE HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH FLAKES IN OUR LIVESSSSS.

All kidding aside I remember feeling like any snowflake to fall from a winter sky was a definite reason I should no longer be in school.

Meanwhile, I’m like “Guys, relax. We are supposed to get 2-4 inches. We will all survive.”

Last night was supposed to be my last night of class before winter break, my teacher who is the kindest woman ever, had planned a pizza party for our small class (there are five of us.)

At around 12:50 while I was manning the prison cafeteria door I got a text from a classmate saying the teacher had emailed one of our other classmates essentially saying the University hasn’t canceled class so I am going to be there unless they do, but if you can’t make it in just let me know. Now, why this email only made it to two out of our five students I’m not sure but oh well. ¬†Immediately two students decided they weren’t coming in but I am a goody two shoes and I wanted pizza so I decided I would wait to see if the University canceled class before I needed to leave.

The day ended and my supervisor needed a ride to the train station. I panicked because I could not say no but also my car was a holy moly mess with a capital M. I feverishly threw random crap into the back seat and drove her to the train station, she counseled me on the way that I would be crazy to go to class and that I should definitely not go. She was probably right because she is a smart, wise, woman. 

I am dumb.

Anyway, by the time I finished dropping her off another classmate had bowed out of class which left me and another student. I drove to the train station, knowing that even if I did go to class parking on mass ave would be a nightmare with the weather. I consulted with Mav, who also told me to skip the class. 

I thought about it, squirming in my seat imagining my professor (who I felt it was too late to email and still be courteous because she has a flip phone and doesn’t check her email very frequently anyway) driving all the way into class in the snow and have nobody show up.¬†



I decided to call her home(!) phone number which she had listed on the syllabus. She picked up on the first ring, said she was still planning to have class and that she would see me there.

I put on my hood and got on the train and trudged all the way to class in the snow. “This snow isn’t bad” I said to myself. And it totally didn’t seem like it was.

I went up to the classroom and was the only student who showed up. My teacher and I had a lovely slice of pizza together and chit chatted about my internship where she awarded me, “The first person to ever have a student tell her that his dream is to open up a strip club.” ¬†and then we spent the last 15 minutes of the hour talking about how awesome Maltese puppies are, because they are. They really are. Did you hear me Mav?

Then she declared class over, gave me an evaluation form to fill out and then we went our separate ways. Meanwhile Mav was still at work and I didn’t want him to have to walk home from the T in the snow. I told him to hang tight and I would come pick him up at work downtown because we already had grand plans to make Chili at his apartment that night.




I think Mav would probably do a far better impression of me white knuckle driving in the slipperiest snow in my little Honda Civ. It was like all the snow plows and sanders were off doing a conga line somewhere the roads were SO bad.

It took us an hour to drive like 4 miles or something crazy like that. At one point we were driving up a snowy hill and the car in front of us was totally stuck. The Mav got out of the car like a gentleman from my ultimate fantasies and helped two other guys push the sad broken Volvo up the hill. Meanwhile I needed no pushing, I simply put my pedal to the metal and used my body weight to propel that sucker forward, brute force style.

By the time we got home and found a parking spot etc it was so late. And we were so cold and wet.

We made Chili and ate it at 10 pm. 

And that my friends is why there was no blog post yesterday.