This year, my 24th and 25th were spent doing something I’ve never done before, celebrating Christmas.

I was invited by Maverick’s family to come and spend the holiday with them, many times his families giddily referred to it being my “first Christmas” and in the traditional sense, it definitely was.

From my experience, Christmas was:

Stops at a favorite coffee shop and meeting old hometown friends

Maverick’s mother constantly in the kitchen

His sister buzzing around with endless things to say and show me

Watching Maverick coo over the cats like they were little furry children

A viewing of the classic film, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” while Mav sat behind me on the couch, my back to his heart, watching little claymation characters sing catchy songs.

Eating way too many sugar cookies because oh my god I forgot how much I love sugar cookies.

A family dinner of Roast Beef with fancy red Christmas napkins and crystal glasses with Seinfeld on in the background to keep things real.

A trip to the one Chinese restaurant for tropical drinks with the high school friends and townies.

Crawling into bed in Mav’s childhood room so he could show me that from laying down in his bed he could see out the window and all the stars in the night sky.

Getting up at a hideous hour on a day you don’t have to work in order to open presents (Mav’s family not only made me my own stocking, but got me very nice presents and I am indeed not worthy of their kindness and generosity but I feel extremely lucky all the same.)

More sugar cookies, and then also homemade Cinnamon Rolls my god.

Traveling to family gatherings and eating turkey.

Enjoying butternut squash for the first time.

Watching Maverick play with his little cousins and even getting in on the jest a bit. My heart exploding like a volcano because what is it about guys and kids that just drives me mad like a hatter??

More sugar cookies, can it be Christmas every day?

Kissing Grampy goodbye and having him smile and say to Maverick “Take good care of her.”

Listening to an Aunt regale us with stories from her world travels, taking notes about Santorini.

Finally making it home and being alone and looking at each other with a sigh of contentment and relief.

Ordering Pad Thai and eating it in front of the fire.

A perfect end to a very nice holiday, I happily adopt Christmas into my holiday calendar.

A perfect end to a very nice holiday, I happily adopt Christmas into my holiday calendar.