Seasons of a laptop.

This time last year my laptop was sending me mayday messages, “harddisk almost full”

“clean your computer off now you lazy butt”

“how do you have this much crap on your hard drive?”

“You’re a hoarding embarrassment to the human race.”

So I consulted my techiest friend Ben and off we went to Best Buy where he explained the wonders of an external hard drive.

Together we cleaned off enough space to get my laptop to work and stop being mad at me.

Somehow a year has past and I forgot I was living on borrowed hard drive space and started filling it up again.

Also PSA to those with apple laptops: the downloads folder needs to be manually emptied. Maybe you know this or maybe you’re like me and had no idea and let yours build up into a wasteland of 12 times downloaded class syllabi and pictures from the internet to put on your daily blog. Don’t be like me, go clean your shit out.

My laptop started misbehaving Thursday night and by Friday I couldn’t even boot up. I did my best to clean things up in safe mode, which I figured out how to use through the magic of google and my iphone (how in the world did I ever live before I had an iphone? HOW?!)

I trudged to the Genius Bar this morning with a feeling of sadness. I liken going to the Genius Bar with going to the Doctor. I become paranoid they’ll diagnose me with something horrible or tell me I gained 20 pounds and be all disapproving and shit. As Maverick said when I made this comparison:

“Well hopefully at the apple store you won’t have to take off your shirt or cry”

All in all my Genius, whose name was Rick and if you’re ever at the south shore plaza with a computer that needs to be fixed you should ask for him, was very kind and sympathetic and we laughed together quite a lot.

In the end the verdict is 161 dollars for a new hard drive. I left my computer at the mall and hopefully at some point tomorrow or Tuesday I can go get it back. I shall cry tears of joy and I’ve already french kissed my external hard drive for saving all of my itunes and pictures and hopefully some documents too.

But I’ve been singing seasons of love in my head all day because I seem to measure my year in hard drive space.

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