So its been 7 days since my last blog post. When I first began this endeavor (three years ago?! Is that possible?!) I know that people tended to check in on the blog daily. Now from what I hear through the grapevine people still read, but not daily. I’m not sure I ever intended this site to be for daily consumption, more of a way to keep myself committed to something, to feel regimented and routined, and to improve my writing skills. Either way I don’t know if anybody really noticed that I took a week off, I didn’t make any sort of announcement because taking the 7 days wasn’t something I had really planned. I half-declared at brunch on Sunday that I might take a break, but as I said the words I knew I hadn’t really given it any thought.

All I knew was this: posting every day was feeling more and more like a chore.

A week from Thursday I forgot to post. Just full out, didn’t even cross my mind once. That has rarely happened over this three year journey. Usually I remember I haven’t posted around 11pm and then throw something online haphazardly. Or I remember with a start in bed at 12:30am, when it is already too late and I say “Oh well, oops!”

But this time I woke up the next morning and thought….“Huh. I didn’t post yesterday.”

So I put a stupid youtube video up and went about my work day, and then I hurried home and showered/packed for an impromptu weekend in NYC with Maverick. I didn’t post the whole weekend, I sort of decided this and sort of didn’t.

I didn’t post anything and it felt nice. And so I decided quietly to myself that I’d see how long I felt like not posting, and I wouldn’t post. The truth is, before now I have needed this blog.

I needed it as a confidant.

I needed it as a distraction.

I needed it as a megaphone for all of my hilarious thoughts wasting away inside my crazy head.

I had been writing here every day for so long that I just felt like it was a part of me, like brushing my teeth. Except you know that feeling when you lay down before you intend to go to bed and then you realize you need to go brush your teeth but you don’t want to because you’re so warm and cozy?

It was sort of like that. And I thought to myself: “This is nuts this is just one more thing to do and you are already very busy and you have just created more crap for yourself. Nobody will notice or care if you stop.” 

And truth be told nobody really did notice or care, not that they told me. But as the week went on, I cared. I missed it.

I started thinking up blog posts in the shower again, and missing my time with my laptop to decompress at the end of the day.

So, here we are again.

Rejuvenated and happy to be tippy tappy typing.

Documenting all the silly, sad, mundane, and bizarre.

Thanks for sticking around old friends.