Today was what is referred to on my iphone alarm clock as a “nanny day.”

Nanny days are sort of nice because they’re usually a little less hectic than internship/class days.

On Wednesday mornings I take E to story time at the local library. I can’t help it but I’m a sucker for a good library story time. I love sitting on the little rug and seeing all the little children enraptured by books and songs and kindly old librarians who have teddy bears on their knees.

I have perfectly structured our morning around this story time and to our horror when we arrived at the library this morning it was canceled. I don’t think E knew the difference and immediately trotted over to the box of community germ laced puppets, found the chicken one and held it up to me eagerly saying “bok bok?”

After a few rounds of bok bok I knew this library trip sans story time was not gonna cut it. the childrens room play area really only affords me 35 minutes of activity at most before E gets bored and 35 minutes was not. enough. minutes.

Anyone who knows one year olds knows that you need to stack your day with activity for your sanity and the hope that the more activity happens the harder the child will blissfully nap in the afternoon.

So after a few texts with E’s mom we had a new plan which involved a cool new indoor playground and off we set.

The indoor playground was much further away from home than the library and E isn’t the world’s best car passenger. If I play her children’s music and sing loudly she basically tolerates it. Sometimes she giggles from the back seat. But if we have to travel more than 12 minutes she gets restless and moody.

Anyway after a longish (for a one year old) drive we arrived at our destination. An indoor playspace mecca with toys and slides and those little Flinstone cars kids love so much. the place was teeming with children. I could see the microbes wriggling on every surface. E of course found this the tastiest place in the world and licked every toy she picked up. building immune systems..

We had a grand ol’ time and E was sad to leave. We got in the car and she was even sadder. Now she was in the car, tired, hungry for lunch and cranky as all get out.

The drive took forever and she whined the whole way. I know part of the problem was the sun was strong today and kids don’t know not to look directly into the sun yet when they’re one, go figure. She was squinting and whining and once we had about 10 mins left in our journey she decided she’d had enough and started crying the back seat “no! no! out! out!”

I thought to myself “Ugh! My kingdom for the ability to make a one year old keep sunglasses on her face!”

Then I gave up with a genius idea. Transition lens windows….FOR CARS!

You’re welcome auto industry. You’re welcome.