1. Not procrastinate any schoolwork this month.

  • doable? yes. I try very hard now to get everything done early so this goal is a gimme.

2.  Send out at least one job application. 

  • doable? Yes! Providing that a new job I’m qualified for is posted on the database I use for job searching between now and Feb 28th.

3. Keep my car clean!

  • doable? Sorta…I’ve kept it relatively clean with bursts of not so clean. Like I spent the majority of Mon-Thurs with an entire box of Hot Tamales rolling around the floor of my passenger seat because the box spilled and I became lazy. But it did make my car smell like cinnamon. Anyway, I cleaned the car out on the 31st and there is now no candy rolling around, just a zip lock bag of just in case I get stuck in traffic forever snacks, an ice scraper, an umbrella, a couple toys in E’s carseat, a fuzzy blanket for impromptu stroller walks and/or in case I get stranded, and a package of page protectors because…I’m not sure why. If I can keep this up soon I will clean out the veritable storage locker that I call my trunk.

4. Budget my income better.

  • doable? It should be…in theory. I went buck wild over the holidays this year and then I had to buy text books and school supplies…. and I’ve been trying to steadily climb my way back.

5. Sort through my clothes and fill at least one trash bag to donate to charity.

  • doable? Yes! Just a matter of making my lazy ass do it!