1. Spend 20 minutes getting baby into snow gear. Most time spent on gloves because babies don’t really understand that whole “separate your fingers” thing.

2. Get bundled up yourself while baby says “boots boots boots boots” over and over again in excitement

3. Open door and allow baby to be dazzled/confused by all of the snow.

4. Show baby how you make foot prints in the snow.

5. Put her gloves back on.

6. Show her how if she leans back she won’t fall because the snow is so deep.

7. Put her gloves back on.

8. Make her a snowball.

9. Put her gloves back on.

10. Pretend you don’t hear her small voice saying “home?” “Home?” Because it took way too long to get her dressed to do this in the first place. Succeed at this for a full 10 mins before giving in and picking her up and taking her little bundled up self back inside.