1. It’s pronounced, L I B R A R Y, not liberry.

2. It’s pronounced V A L E N T I N E S not valentimes.

3. I will not contribute to your indie go-go, or kick starter campaign.

This might make me seem like a grinch but….SORRY, I shall not do it any longer. For these reasons:

  • I have never ever received the stupid “gift” that was supposed to come with my donations. Be it a friendship bracelet, or a “super grateful hug omg!” One time the campaign I donated to did remember to include my name in a power point at the end of the show or something, WHOOPDEEDOO!
  • Some of you abuse the fact that we are friends on social media and on days when my newsfeed is just a bunch of people begging me to fund their various inventions/shows/studio recording space it makes me want to throw things.
  • People in general are taking advantage of the idea of crowdsourcing. Things I have seen people trying to “fund-raise” for recently: wants to finish grad school but doesn’t want to take out a “loan with a costly interest rate,” honeymoons or other “dream” vacations, weddings, studying abroad, and my all time personal favorite: rent. I just…cannot. I cannot abide by this ridiculous laziness. Tough shit, grad school costs stupid money and I sure would like to be able to take a dream honey moon too. I will still contribute to any kickstarter or indiego-go site for the following reason: 1. social justice movements, 2. people who have been struck with awful illnesses who cannot afford their medical bills whom I know personally. That’s it. Otherwise gtfo my internets.