Last night I slept at Maverick’s apartment. I normally never do this on a Sunday night because I have my internship on Monday and my apartment is very close to my internship site. But since we had spent the majority of the weekend at my place and I have an intense Maverick addiction I slept there.

My gps told me it was an 11 minute drive from Maverick’s apartment to my internship but because I am me I didn’t believe this information.

I have to be at my internship at roughly 7:15ish am. Maybe 7:20am.

I left Maverick’s apartment at 6:08am. I got coffee at Dunkin Donuts and arrived in the parking lot at 6:26am.


Basically I have a problem and am watching the sun come up outside work because my ID card won’t let me in yet.



The sky as I left the apartment at the break of dawn.