1. Everyone who reads this blog probably knows how much I love the Mariah Carey classic: “All I Want For Christmas is You.” I play it all year round and keep it on a constant rotation in my itunes shuffle. Its catchy and in my opinion much more a love song than a Christmas song. Also Mariah Carey has pipes and can hit some high notes!

2. This past Holiday Season my dear beloved Troy sent me a youtube video of our favorite Pop Princess having a seriously rough go of it singing All I Want For Christmas is You. I watched the video and was aghast. It was almost bad to Whitney Houston during the whole BOBBAY! drug addiction thing (may she rest in peace.) Though I find it helpful to point out that Mariah was obviously sick, and from the comments on the video people who were there attest that it was bitterly cold. Also I shall never, ever, hit a Mariah high note as long as I shall live even in a tropical climate with years of voice coaching so I’m entitled to give her the benefit of the doubt. At the end of her seriously lack luster performance she’s riffing with the audience all “Merry Christmas” trying to be cheerful when she knows she’s done a horrible job. Santa is on stage with her and she lets out a line of wisdom I shan’t ever forget and now live my life by:

She says, in the microphone and all, “It is what it is Santa, it is what it is.” 

Because, sometimes you hit the high notes and sometimes you get a cold in the middle of December and still have to perform live, ya know? Many times we can just do our best and our best isn’t enough and we have to get up and just do it all over again jingle bells n all.