1. Watched two documentaries for class and cooked a brunch for my classmates who brought Riesling.

2. Discovered Riesling tastes lovely when mixed with Orange Mango Juice.

3. Went to a cabaret of Broadway’s biggest flops and failures. It was very well sung by the fabulous Benjamin Sharton. The songs were still from flops and failures though 😉

4. Tried a new pizza place in Maverick’s neighborhood.

5. Was duped into ordering a pizza with a “white sauce” when they really should have been upfront and said “ranch dressing.” #ew.

6. Watched 3 episodes of Seinfeld.

7. Opened a surprise present from the ever thoughtful Maverick, a giant aromatherapy heating pad I mentioned I was meaning to buy.

8. Got brunch at a cafe doing a fundraiser for the animal rescue league. Ate two delicious waffles under a mountain of fresh fruit. Rolled all the way home to Maverick’s apartment.

9. Went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, proceeded to love every minute.

10. Cooked beef stew from scratch and baked my first loaf of bread in the bread machine. One was successful, one was not.

11. Watched a new stand up on Netflix, got mad oxytocin from watching the Mav laugh.