When your little brother complains you haven’t updated your blog in too long you know you have a problem, this one is for you Sam!

Lately I’ve been kind of just scraping by, overwhelmed by the mad push toward graduation, and one of the first things to go was updating this blog.

When something is weighing heavy on my mind I find it hard to write, because all of the posts come out tinged with the color of that particular issue.

In this case, as many of you know, my whole world is consumed with job hunting right now.

I send out several cover letters and resumes a week, right now I’m averaging about 4-5 applications a week. I’ve moved on to applying for jobs I’m overqualified for in hopes of getting a damn foot in the door somewhere.

One of the guidance counselor positions I applied to got over 200 applications. 200 applications for one position. When you’re a new grad this automatically puts you at the bottom of the list.

Here is what I know: I will get a job somewhere, doing something.

Here is what bothers me: I am impatient.

Another part of the problem is that I’m not necessarily an optimist, though as Maverick points out, I do try very hard to find the silver lining (especially when it is isn’t my cloud, but hey, I’m a guidance counselor I specialize in helping people deal with their shit and reframe it into something they can handle.)

I tend to think “what if I don’t get a job” instead of “when I get a job.”

Before you ask Dad, yes I have put a post it on the mirror.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been. Attached to my computer writing cover letters and printing off 8 bazillion copies of my resume.