1. What is your favorite type of cheese? This question is way too hard and feels like you’re asking me to choose which one of my imaginary children I love most. I can’t pick one but I can say that Muenster is probably my all time favorite “pedestrian” cheese, ricotta is my favorite Italian cheese, and goat cheese is my favorite “fancy type cheese.” I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention my beloved retired appetizer from a local restaurant: burrata which has been drizzled with warm honey accompanied by crusty bread. ACK. I want cheese now!

2. What are you excited about? Mostly right now I’m excited about the potential of getting a job in a school setting, now that I have my master’s degree and almost have my counseling license. Mostly when I day dream these days I’m thinking about getting up early and getting ready to go work, and then leaving the job and meeting up with people after work, and knowing the glory of direct deposit. I live a very exciting life, I know.

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday? I celebrated with a Hibachi dinner, which is tradition. I also took an amazing weekend trip with Maverick to Provincetown that he surprised me with. I ate a metric ton of salt water taffy, mini-golfed, got a sunburn, and drank a cocktail that came with a flashing plastic cube at the bottom. We also went swimming in the hotel pool and lounged in the hotel hot tub. I also spent my 24th birthday celebration making friends with every old man in Cape Cod. 

4. What is on your beside table? Box of tissues, some rogue bobby pins, and usually my laptop. 

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand? Cherry Icee’s are my kryptonite and I also really enjoy popcorn, but I will only order it if I can actually see it being popped, none of that pre-popped garbage bag popcorn for me. I’d like to say I try to frequent smaller independent movie theaters because that is the socially responsible thing to do, but really its because they pop their popcorn fresh and I know what’s up. 

6. Do you have a garden? No. But if I did I would probs plant some flowers, but maybe not. Though I relish a multitude of other old lady pastimes and products, I’m not all that excited by gardening. 

7. Any summer plans? Kind of! Right now we don’t have anything big or exciting planned but I have tentatively floated the idea of doing a “living social summer” meaning Maverick and I will go on dates and adventures funded by living socials, groupons, or gilt city’s we buy. I scout them like a shark and we tend to have pretty good luck with them. I’m planning to document them here and I’m excited to tally up how much we save on summer dates and adventures. So far we have three purchased: 1. A fancy dinner out in South Boston at a historic restaurant. 2. Fondue and S’mores outside by a fire-pit at a local hotel. 3. A late night astronomy boat cruise to view a Perseid meteor shower in Plymouth. We also have two different weddings to attend this summer and I’m turning 25 in August!

8. Which TV couple are you rooting for? Fitz and Olivia from Scandal even though I know they’re toxic for each other etc. Also I’m only on season 2 so nobody spoil this for me!

9. What’s the last thing you bought? Chicken Broth from Whole Foods for Maverick and I to make chicken asparagus stir fry for dinner. We got all the way home and realized we did indeed have chicken broth to begin with. Oops. 

10. What’s one thing you’re passionate about? Social justice, particularly in education. Vaccinating children. That butter has been framed for all our health issues in this country.

11. What are you grateful for this week? This week I’m grateful for the support and love of friends and my boyfriend and family. Graduation brought lots of love out of the woodwork for me and I am still basking in the glow of it.