Hey there!

Somehow you’ve found my blog! If I don’t know you I’m tempted to find this extremely exciting but most likely I already know you and you’re just keepin’ tabs on my “oh so interesting” life. So Hi!

The Details: 22 23 24 year old, living it up after graduating and trying to figure it all out. Embarking on a new years resolution to blog every day of 2011  2012 2013 2014! Comments and ideas for posts are always appreciated, except if they are mean. If you want to say mean things you can just watch the clip below:

You’re supposed to do one of these right?

  1. 1. I love to sleep more than most people. I have, unfortunately, been known to sleep for up to 14 hours straight. My new housemates were concerned I was dead the first weekend we all spent together in the house. They all slept in until 10 am, and I slept in until 1:30 pm.
  2. Yes, I do set multiple alarms on my phone. I have the uncanny ability to sleep through alarms, no matter how loud and obnoxious they are. I can get myself up if I know I have something important to do the next day.
  3. Sometimes my sainted boyfriend will wake up early and call me to make sure I get up for an important test, meeting, appointment etc. I know I’m extra lucky because he lives in Chicago, to wake me up at 8 am in Massachusetts he has to get up at 7 am in Chicago.
  4. I’m going to school to be a drama teacher. There is nothing else in the world I think I would be better at, to help kids do creative, wonderful, things is my dream.
  5. I also really like directing. For most of my adolescence I did theater, more specifically, I acted. My favorite teacher ever one day gave me the opportunity to direct a one act play and I’ve been in love ever since. I was a really bossy kid so my mom takes it as no surprise that I love to direct. Her famous line is “When Sarah was born she told the nurses where to stand!”
  6. I was such a ham as a child people urged my parents to get me an agent. The agent’s name was Linda and she always smelled like perfume and cigarettes. I never did anything much with the “child acting” other than go on a bunch of auditions. I auditioned for “Kids Say the Darndest Things” and it was the most disgusting flagrant display of “show parenting” I have ever seen. That was my last audition and no I did not get to meet Bill Cosby.
  7. My mother used to religiously tape every episode of the Cosby show, speaking of. She had them cataloged and literally used them to parent me. For example, the night I got caught sneaking back into the house after sneaking out she showed me the episode where Vanessa comes home way past her curfew and Cliff and Clair turn the living room furniture around to face the front door so they can catch her trying to sneak back in. The cycle of my punishments always was first: a lengthy screaming match, second: grounding or punishment of some kind and third: just when everyone has started to forget about it you would be forced to watch the Cosby episode corresponding with your crime followed by a long-winded and repetitive post-viewing discussion about right and wrong. Sigh.
  8. My most favorite food in the whole world is grilled cheese. I could eat it forever and ever and ever. The best grilled cheese I’ve ever had is cheddar on challah bread from Grey Dog’s in NYC. But the place I love to go most for grilled cheese? Friendly’s. Judge all you want but that shit is SINFULLY good and you get ice-cream after. What could be better!?
  9. I hate when people call me “hun” it makes my skin crawl. Especially when another girl calls me “hun” or “sweetie” oh my god if you say this to me you had better run because I will end you.
  10. I want a dog SO BAD it’s unbearable. There’s nothing better than that happy reception a dog will give you when you walk in the door. No matter how bad your day is, this will make you feel better. Someday when I have a steady source of income I will adopt myself an adorable puppy and be the happiest girl in all the land!
  11. I know its trendy but have you tried pinkberry or any of its copycats? Oh god how I love love love pinkberry.
  12. I also love popsicles an unhealthy amount. I’m pretty into frozen novelties.
  13. My favorite flower is the hydrangea (if you couldn’t tell from my header), preferably the blue ones. Fun fact: hydrangeas are hypoallergenic!
  14. Speaking of allergies I have a bunch and it drives me bonkers. I am however the esteemed “worst case of ragweed allergy my allergist has ever saw.” Before I finally broke down and went to the allergist I was known in many of classes as “the girl who sneezes.” No joke. I even had people around me ask “Um.. are you like.. ok?”
  15. I also won the “highest fever of the day award” at my university clinic.
  16. If you haven’t caught on yet I excel at being sick. If I don’t get the flu shot I get the flu. No matter what. Sometimes when I get the flu shot I still get the flu. My freshman year of college I had the flu once and then caught it again a handy 3.5 weeks later! I was living in a single room and terrified I would die and nobody would find me so I left my door unlocked.
  17. I also have the most sensitive stomach known to man-kind. One bad smell and I gag, when I get nervous I gag, when I YAWN TOO MANY TIMES IN A ROW I gag. It is very very very hard to be me sometimes.
  18. I love to drive, in high school I drove a huge green honda mini van and it was a piece o’ crap but I loved it anyways. I’m currently car-less and still get the urge to just hop in my car and joy ride.
  19. I also have a not so secret love for motorcycles, cruisers to be exact. I used to sneak out on week nights and go for rides with an ex who had a bike. There really is nothing in the world that I’ve found that can replicate that feeling. Maybe someday I will learn how to operate a motorcycle of my very own.
  20. Though the above statement might paint me as a bit of a bad girl, I have never in my life done a drug. Not even marijuana. They just don’t appeal to me. Though I did take my little brother’s ADD meds by accident once and all that happened was I cleaned my friends basement and got a killer headache.
  21. I’m also not really a big drinker. My university is definitely considered a “party school” but I just can’t find it in me to binge drink with the rest of them. I loathe beer and I hate drinking games even more. I will never understand this, if I’m having a drink to “unwind” why in the hell am I going to stress out about winning a stupid game? If I’m really in the mood for a drink I want it to be a lemon drop martini, or something involving gin and lime juice. Its sort of embarrassing that I like old lady drinks, but oh well.
  22. I’m often called the “fun police” by my peers. Which is fine by me. I’d much rather cook a yummy dinner and watch a movie (and maybe even possibly knit).
  23. I used to be really obsessed about being on time, I still really am but I’m trying not to press my obsessions on others as my other nick name was the “time police.” God I’m making myself sound like such a fun person huh?!? Wanna hang out!? In all seriousness though I have very strong memories of going anywhere as a family and my parents having SCREAMING matches over getting there on time. My dad was of the “early is on time” variety and my mom was much more of a “We get there when we get there” person. I used to make sure I was 100 percent ready well before we ever left so I couldn’t be blamed for lateness. If you and I were to make a date to meet up at lets say 1 pm. I would get to wherever we decided to meet by 12:35. Its the only way I don’t stress out. I’m baffled by those who have no qualms about being late.
  24. I worry ALL the time. Hence the title of this blog. My father always says “to worry is a waste of time.” which is 100 percent true. I’m just still trying to get my brain to believe it for more than five minutes at a time.
  25. One great thing about me is that I always want to do things for people, pick you up something at the grocery store, make you a scarf, bring you notes from the class you missed, drive you to the airport. I don’t do these things to be a suck-up either I just genuinely like to help people.
  26. I am a very tactile person. I love things that are soft. I once spent 30 dollars on a throw blanket because it was the softest one I had ever come across. I then went on to buy 2 more for my friend and my cousin. The last time I was at my cousin’s apartment I noticed the blanket was nowhere to be found and I wondered where she had hidden it away so I might steal it and take it back so I might have TWO extra soft blankets.
  27. I also take the soft- test approach when buying clothes. If it doesn’t feel nice, I’m not buying it.
  28. People who know me would probably describe my style as “plain” and I can’t really argue with them. I wear jeans nearly every day and some sort of top. I rarely wear a pattern, minus the occasional horizontal stripe. I couldn’t live without v-neck sweaters.
  29. If I were to really dress in a style I like it would be anything from the 40′s, 50′s or early 60′s. My body type is meant for those clothes, those clothes were meant for my body type.
  30. I have a new fondness for rings, especially those that are sterling silver. But if I had lots and lots of disposable income I would buy this:http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39256902
  31. One of my favorite places I’ve ever been is Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The Mayan Riviera is so beautiful every time I look outside and see snow I imagine myself back there. I promised my friend Julie that when I graduate we’ll take a nice weeklong vacation back to paradise I can’t wait to go!
  32. I was a really cute baby. I know most babies are cute and I’m sort of biased but I really was adorable. As a toddler I had a little brown mop of curls and the need to babble/sing incessantly.
  33. I wear a 34DDD bra. This has shaped my life in more ways than you would think. I know that sounds ridiculous but its true.
  34. I’m a pretty feminine person but I don’t wear makeup. I don’t wear it because I really don’t know how to use it. Occasionally I’ll throw on some lipstick and eyeliner but thats about it. Usually I’m a concealer and chapstick girl.
  35. So when I go to Sephora I blow right by the rows and rows and rows of makeup and bound toward the perfume. I LOVE perfume. I wear it pretty much every day and one of my secret desires is to have a whole arsenal of perfume someday. Maybe like 20 different ones, so I could choose in the morning depending on my mood.
  36. I have never been camping and or fishing and I am perfectly fine to continue my life this way. I think nature is beautiful, please don’t get me wrong. I just really really really love sleeping in a bed. Though I do have a fantasy about going camping with my someday far away husband and kids.
  37. I also want to be the type of mom that bakes her kid’s birthday cake every year. I want them to be able to say “I want X Y Z kind of cake” and then I’ll whip it up for them and years later they’ll tell their friends, “My mom always made the best cakes for my birthday.”
  38. This being said  I, myself rarely have cake for my birthday. Since my birthday is in August I often had a carvel ice cream cake and my goodness who can beat the crunchies? I also try my best to have a friendly’s watermelon roll as my birthday treat. Talk about delicious! Who needs cake?
  39. One of my favorite books from my childhood is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Don’t ask me why, I just like it and I don’t wanna explain it to the likes of you. In 6th grade I had “reading class” which was essentially a whole period in a day where we would read books and then write papers on them and my teacher, upon finding out my favorite book was A Tree Grows In Brooklyn recommended another Betty Smith book for me to read called Joy In the Morning. My mom found the book when I was 3 chapters in and read a  (not graphic at all let me say!!) love scene. She wrote the teacher an angry email and confiscated the book and I’ve still yet to read it. I can never find it in any bookstores. Someday though I will finish it.
  40. I’m not really into video games but I love to play The Sims. I know this makes me a mega dork but the whole building and decorating your dream home aspect is addicting. I haven’t played in forever and the last time I tried my software didn’t work. It was kind of devastating.
  41. I love Cambridge Massachusetts. Its the perfect mix of city and suburb. I will always love it and you can’t make me change my mind so there!
  42. I think organic food is dumb.
  43. I had my first kiss while watching Happy, Texas. I was wearing a T shirt with Mr. Rogers on the front that read “Won’t you be my Neighbor?.”
  44. I will spend obscene amounts of money on bedding and bath products. There’s nothing better than soap that smells so good you want to eat your skin!!
  45. I love roast chicken ever so much. With green beans please!
  46. I always sneeze in threes (at least)
  47. I’m a sucker for black heels.
  48. I’m really into gemstones and their different meanings and properties.
  49. I always believe my horoscope.
  50. I wish I could play the piano.
  51. I am way more obsessed with bed linens than any normal person should be.
  52. Consequently one of my most favorite stores is Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
  53. I don’t really like the sun.  I’m fair skinned and my eyes are sensitive and dammit I just don’t like it.
  54. I love going to the beach but I’d rather swim in the ocean all day than lay on the sand.
  55. If garlic didn’t make your breath smell so bad I’d probably put it on everything.
  56. I love baking and have a secret fantasy wherein I operate my own small baking business out of my charming apartment somewhere.
  57. I’d like to be married by the time I’m 28. No pressure universe, no pressure.
  58. I’ll never wear shorts. Not ever. Not even in 100 degree temperatures. No matter how many pairs I trick myself into buying summer after summer
  59. I generally don’t mind people looking at my breasts as if they are a side show act in a traveling circus UNLESS I’m waiting in line for my iced coffe. That is sacred time.
  60. The level of frizz on my hair on a rainy, muggy day is an almost direct correlation with how annoyed I am.
  61. One the many titles of my memoir will be: Desperately Seeking “Laundry in Unit.”

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